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Read and Understand His Car Insurance

It is often difficult to understand his auto insurance. However, disaster, we realize that ultimately we have not made the right choices.

Here are some steps to understand better his contract and choose the right options.

Most policyholders tend to refer to the price of their insurance premiums to make their choice. If the price is important, it should not be your only choice.

Civil liability and limitations
So-called third-party coverage contains at minimum liability insurance. It is compulsory and covers damage you might cause accidents whether they be physical or material. On the other hand, it does not cover you you and your vehicle. If you think that the value of your vehicle does not need to guarantee all risks, it is your choice. It depends on its starting value. On the other hand, it is important to cover you as a driver in an accident.

The individual guarantee driver
To cover you you as a driver, accidents causing physical injuries, it is important to purchase an individual guarantee driver. This warranty is not always part of the insurance contract to the third party, so it's a clause to be added to your contract, a clause that is important not to neglect.

Insurance all risks
The term insurance all risk can be confusing. It includes the liability and insurance covering your own wounds or repair on your vehicle. However, insurance all risks does not mean that you are covered for everything. Also, some for example impose limits on interventions. For others still, it is for you to choose the coverages, such as theft, glass breakage, fire, weather...

The price of the franchise
Finally, if some insurance companies have very low prices, they often compensate on the prices of the franchises. In addition, the operation of franchises is often explained in a complex way, it is important to speak with your insurance company in order to understand the limits of your car insurance.
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